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Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 2010!

Wow! What a busy and crazy past month! Where do I begin?? Lets start with the SUPER good news! Today Carter saw the G.I. Doctor to try to fix this constipation issue we have been having. He did an exam and a few tests and the good news is that there is nothing serious wrong! YAY! He tested Carter for food allergies and he does not have any so that is awesome. He said that Carter is still learning how to use his bowels and until he figures it out, we have to help him a little bit with some medicine. Mommy and Daddy were so happy to hear that it was nothing serious. PHEW! Also...he weighed baby boy and he weighs 13 whoppin pounds! Can you believe it? Speaking of pounds.................the baby weight is G-O-N-E! Yeehaww! Somehow I managed to lose all 30 pounds PLUS some extra...thank you breastfeeding :-) Here is Carter, all 13 pounds of love!

"This whole tummy time mat works GREAT for a nice nap, thanks Santa"

We had an awesome Christmas. We flew to Texas to spend some time with my parents and then drove to Arkansas with my family so that Carter can meet his super extended family. He met his great-grandparents, great-aunts/uncles, cousins, and long time friends of the family. Carter got to meet his cousin Emma who is just two weeks older than Carter. They were so cute. Of course we did a photo shoot, those pics to come later!

Poppa and GiGi got a cool train for the boys that goes around the Christmas tree!

All of our stockings!

Warn out after opening presents! Time for a nap!

Chris with Carter and Aiden

Carter did such a great job on the flight. Holy Moly, who ever thought that one little person would add so much stuff? We had a total of 5 suitcases, 2 carry ons each, diaper bag, pump, stroller and carseat. Try getting all of that (minus the 5 suitcases) through security. I felt sorry for the people behind us, it took us 12 bins to put all of our stuff in! On the way back we had to sit on the plane for 2 hours while they "fixed a problem on the plane" YIKES. The flight attendant told us that Carter was the best passenger! We wouldn't expect anything less :-) Here he is on his first flight. He is such a big boy!

The day after we got to my parents house, it started snowing like CRAAAZY! It ended up being a blizzard. On Christmas Eve we had pictures for Aiden and Carter. On the way home, it took us over 4 hours to drive about 10 miles! It was the craziest thing. Cars were sliding off the road left and right. Here is a pic!

Me and Mom, bored in the back!

Carter, not phased the LEAST!

Carter got some serious loot for Christmas. Santa hooked him up! He got clothes, toys, stuffed animals, bumbo seat, and even his very own savings bond! BUT, I have to admit that Santa brought the PERFECT gift for baby Carter.....his very own Sperrys! They are just like Daddy's and so cute. Check them out next to daddy's!

Well, maybe Carter's are a tad cleaner!

When we got back home I definitely had to do some cleaning out to make room for all of his new stuff. Plus, Grandma and Grandpa Albrecht came, which meant more loot for Carter! Sadly and tearfully, I packed away his preemie and newborn clothes. I didn't realize how sad it would make me. But I had to make room for all of his new, cute clothes. Whoever said boys clothes weren't cute? Oh my goodness, they are adorable! He looks like a little man in his little outfits. I love it! Here is a pic of Carter's first pair of pants compared to the pants he wears now. I didn't realize how tiny they were until now! They look like little doll clothes. I can't believe he wore preemie for almost a month!

I start back to work on Friday so Carter has spent a couple days at daycare with his new friends to get accustomed. Lara is WONDERFUL and loves and cares for Carter so well. There are 2 other little girls there. Claire is 1 1/2 and Natalie is 3. Carter is a ladies man :-) They love him and carry around their baby dolls to pretend they are taking care of Carter like Lara does. How cute is that?! I knew it would be hard, but I could not wait to go pick him up! I know it's good for him to be around the other kids, and it will get easier! I know he is in good hands and that's what matters most!

This past weekend we took Carter for his 3 month pictures. We cannot wait to get them back. They are so adorable. I mean adorrrabbble!!! He is changing so much. He's holding his head up, giggling and smiling, and soo close to rolling over! He loves to sit in his bumbo seat and play. I love to walk across the room and watch him follow me with his eyes. My favorite thing is when Chris gets home from work. As soon as Carter sees him he starts to giggle and gets the biggest smile on his face. It is so darn cute. Carter loves when Daddy reads to him at night, they are so cute. We had a little bump, but back on schedule so all is well with his sleeping. His nightly routine is bath at 7:00, bottle with daddy at 8:30 (sometimes he takes 7 oz!!!), asleep by 9:00-9:30 and wakes at 6:00! GO CARTER! It works for all 3 of us and makes us ALL happy people :-)

2009 was the best so far, so lets see if 2010 can top it! We are so excited for the new year and our new family. God has blessed us with so much to be thankful for! So, what is our best moment of 2009? Do you need to ask???!!