~A baby is a little piece of Heaven on Earth~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis' the season....

That quote says it all! He is a piece of Heaven! This picture was from our newborn pictures when Carter was just 8 days old! We have an amazing photographer who just loves Carter to death. We were also able to squeeze in some maternity pictures TWO DAYS before Carter decided he was ready to be here! She is so talented! www.vkp.me
Thanks Kathleen!

Yes we made it all 9 months without finding out the gender...best surprise EVER!

We even kept our names a secret. We made Kathleen swear to secrecy for this picture!

You would NEVER know I was covered in pee here :)

Ok, so here we go...this is so new to me but I've enjoyed reading my friend's blogs about their family and wanted to create one for us so that everyone can check up on baby Carter!

Carter is 10 weeks now. Last week we had his 2 month check up. I can't believe it's been 2 months since he made his debut. He is growing so fast and changing so much every day. His latest weight was 11 pounds, 6 ounces. He is 23 inches long. That's a huge change from the 5 pounds, 15 ounce boy we once had! Needless to say, those premie clothes are packed away! I'm so excited that he can wear cute little man outfits now and finally size 1 diapers! Jaundice is completely gone which we are SO thankful for. Praise the LORD! I know it is very common, but not something that a mother wants to go through with her child. He is still having reflux, but the prevacid is working so well. It's worth all of the $75 dollars! We are still loving our pediatrician. She is the best and cares so much about Carter. He is still having some tummy issues as he is still learning how to use his bowels. If he is having a tummy ache, Dr. F calls on her cell phone on the way home from work to check on her "little man". She also went to Florida State, which is a plus in this house :) On to better things....Carter is sleeping through the night now, YEAH! We stuff his little belly until we can't stuff any more, put him in his crib (yes we moved from the basinette next to mommy into his own bedroom) around 10:00 and he's out by 10:30 and wakes around 5:00-5:30 for a quick snack and back out until 8:00 or 9:00, depending when I wake him up. With all of that said...he is SUCH A GREAT BABY! He was referred to as the "chill baby" at the hospital and it totally fits his personality...he's just what we needed. This is so nice because I go back to work on January 15th and I require a full night's sleep :) Thanks Carter! I will post a video once I figure it out so that you all can hear the sounds that come from this little man when he's sleeping (sounds from BOTH ends-haha!) One of those he got from his daddy! Here is a picture of his little crib. He's the cutest...oh and check out his name, we had it made for him and it is so neat and all one piece!

Guess what? Santa Claus was making his Pre-Christmas rounds and decided to make a stop at the Albrecht's! He left Carter some goodies! YAY! Since we will be traveling for Christmas, we have special permission from Santa to have Christmas this Sunday night! Our church's Christmas program is Sunday morning so we're very excited for an awesome day. I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to seeing what Carter got me for Christmas. Yes, he is advanced and can already shop, wrap, and write on presents...amazing! One day he even left me a note! He's so special.

This outfit has been passed down from Chris' older brother Lucas, Chris, Elijah, and now Carter. Let me just say that those buttons were a little tight...my little chunker :)

This year we decided to start our own tradition and cut down a Christmas tree for Christmas. It was so much fun. We went with our friends Jim and Kathy and their daughter aka Carter's girlfriend Claire....Claire is 6 months old and the sweetest little girl. Here are some pics of our adventure. This was the first time I've busted out the Bjorn and how amazing is that thing! Whoever invented it should get a prize!

Daddy trying out the Bjorn, making sure it is safe :) I can't figure out how to turn this picture

"all ready mommy"

Kathy and I...it was SO cold! We had the babies bundled extra well..don't worry :)

Family Photo

Chris about to "dominate" our tree...see the seriousness?

Ta da! The finished product!

Carter is already loved by so many people. He has already had tons of visitors. He had several in the hospital and over the past 10 weeks has had several at the house. Last week, Aunt Alysha came and spent a week with us. She was so excited to meet Carter and brought him tons of prizes. We did a lot of Christmas shopping and she even babysit Carter so Chris and I could go on a date. We went to the Saints vs. Falcons game. Carter got daddy the tickets when he was born and we had a great time! Mommy's gift was a ring to add to my wedding set. He told me that the 3 rings represent our new family. See, I told you he was advanced! I love my boys!

Some of Carter's Special Visitors from out of town....

Grandma and Grandpa Albrecht

Gigi, Papa, and Aiden

Aiden LOVES his cousin Carter

Auntie Danielle and Uncle Josh (Josh, we NEED a picture of you with Carter!)

Aunt Linsey and Carter

Aunt Alysha and Carter

Aunt Jessie and Uncle Brian with Carter

Megan, Michaela, Kristin, Dolores, Sarah, and Carter

yes, Carter has 100 aunts and uncles :)

This year we are flying to my parents for Christmas. This will be our second trip with Carter. Our first trip was to NC for Thanksgiving to visit Uncle Lucas, Aunt Jen, and Elijah. We were so excited to introduce Carter to them and see their beautiful new house. Elijah loved Carter and was so cute walking around saying "Carter"...we couldn't find Elijah at one point and this is where we found him all nice and cozy....

He loved the swing that Jen had set up for Carter. He loved it so much that he even shared it with Carter...

Thanksgiving was a blast. It was the first time that we had seen Jen and Luke's new house. Also the first time we have seen Lucas since his last deployment. Chris was very excited. Lucas deep fried a turkey for the first time and he did a great job! It was delicious. We made all sorts of fixings and the most amazing apple pie ever! When we set down to eat, we gave thanks for all of our blessings...we are truly blessed! How lucky we are to have such great families, great friends, food to eat, and a roof over our heads.

Carter with Aunt Jen, Uncle Lucas, and Eli in the background

Have a very Merry Christmas. More to come after the holidays and Carter's 3 month pictures!


  1. Very Cute!!! You are a great writer. I really enjoyed catching up with little Carter. I can't believe he is sleeping through the night already...I am not even going to tell you how long it took for Gavin and Nolen to sleep through the night. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Very nice and Carter is absolutely adorable. For rotating that picture, try right clicking that picture on your system, rotate clockwise, and re-upload replacing the sideways photo currently there.

    Yeah, I'm still very much a computer geek.

    I'll continue reading your blog to see how you, Chris, and Carter are doing. I'll add your blog to my blogroll on my site and will try to mention more about my son in some posts, maybe even get some pictures going that I have idling about on my system and of course snag some from the albums that my wife keeps.

    I wish your entire family from mine, a safe and Merry Christmas and a very happy and exciting New Year!